Surrey Garden Designs

Landscape gardeners in Surrey


On this website you’ll find out about the range of garden services we provide for those living in Surrey and nearby areas.

We are able to help you with the various facets involved when it comes to garden design. You may not know how to design a garden but our landscape gardeners certainly do and will have lots of ideas to share with you.

You can choose how much input you’d like to have whether you prefer to give a few general ideas or have specific things you’d like such as a rockery etc. At the end of your day, it is your garden and we’re only here to help realize a vision that you’d be proud of and would love to have at your residence.

It may well be that you’re a keen gardener and know exactly what kinds of plants and flowers you’d like on display but would like help when it comes to the actual design of the garden. That’s what we’re here to do (we can of course also select the plants and offer our suggestions too).

All Size Gardens

There are garden designers able to work on any size project from a small modern front garden to a larger formal one. We can also accommodate a variety of budgets so don’t worry if you don’t have half a million to spend, we’ll work together with your budget so you’ll have something you’re happy with.

Of course when we come and visit you for a quote, we can let you know exactly what could be achieved with the budget you have in mind.

The suggestions and feedback we give can help you get the most out of the money you have available so even if you can’t have every single feature you’d like if money was unlimited, we can show you where you can scale back certain things or offer alternatives that will still give you a stunning garden.

Get Ideas

We suggest arranging a home visit with our landscapers as where you live may determine what can/ can’t be done and plus you’ll be able to get new garden ideas you may not have thought of.

We work all over Surrey so give us a call on 01483 387 210 if you’d like us to come over to discuss ideas, have a look at the possibilities or to get a quote.